Sinusitis and Nasal Congestion Treatments

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is one of the most common conditions Dr. Yanta treats. While most patients who have an “acute” bout of sinusitis experience facial pain and pressure, nasal congestion and/or drainage, and possibly fever, the symptoms of ongoing or “chronic” sinusitis are often more vague. In such patients, more frequent symptoms include fatigue, a chronic cough, sore throat, or throat clearing. Dr. Yanta is well-trained in recognizing the signs and symptoms of both acute and chronic sinus infections as well as treatments.

Dr. Yanta listens carefully as the patient describes their symptoms and performs a detailed examination in order to reach a diagnosis. If necessary, the nose can be sprayed with a topical anesthetic and an endoscopic exam performed to visualize interior portions of the nose and sinuses which are not visible during a visit to an Urgent Care center or a primary care office. An accurate diagnosis can usually be reached using this patient-centered approach, and together the patient and Dr. Yanta decide on an appropriate course of therapy.

Non-Invasive treatment for sinusitis. If allergies appear to play a significant role in a patient’s symptoms, Dr. Yanta may recommend allergy testing. Depending on insurance, this can sometimes be accomplished with a simple blood test. Our office works closely with several reputable adult and pediatric allergists skin testing is indicated.

If a patient fails comprehensive, conservative therapy for sinusitis, x-rays may be indicated to evaluate whether a patient needs more aggressive treatment of their sinus problems. While “plain” films of the sinuses may be helpful, usually a CT scan will be ordered. Our office works closely with several hospital and outpatient facilities in order to provide service that is professional, convenient, and in-network. While a radiologist’s report of the scans may be helpful, we normally request that the facility provide our patients with a copy of their x-rays so that the patient can review them with Dr. Yanta to more accurately diagnose and understand their problems.

When a patient has failed conservative therapy and sinus or nasal surgery is indicated, rest assured that Dr. Yanta has the tools at his disposal to appropriately treat all varieties of nasal and sinus disorders. Whether a patient is an appropriate candidate for an in-office procedure such as Sinuplasty or turbinate coblation or requires a procedure done under general anesthesia in an outpatient center or hospital, Dr. Yanta can provide comprehensive treatment in an accredited facility.

Surgery should be considered only if medical treatment fails or if there is a nasal obstruction that cannot be corrected with medications. The type of surgery is chosen to best suit the patient and the disease.

Endoscopic sinus surgery is recommended for certain types of sinus disease. With the endoscope, Dr. Yanta can look directly into the nose, while at the same time, removing diseased tissue and polyps and clearing the narrow channels between the sinuses. The decision whether to use local or general anesthesia will be made between you and Dr. Yanta, depending on your individual circumstances.

Sinus Treatments Procedures: